Dear Friends,
Change is in the air! Back to school and fall activities come with the welcome change in
temperatures. It is a great time to be outdoors!
Change is in the works at the Garden too. This fall will mark the beginning of the City’s
planned Stream Restoration Project. Come learn more about this process. As you walk by the
stream you will notice four educational signs there. Be a part of the water testing before, during
and after restoration!
Change can be messy too. Several of the Garden trails will be closed during the stream
restoration but the Garden will remain open. Look for signs to point you along your way and
around the Garden once the bulldozers arrive.
Some things stay the same! Our programming, volunteer opportunities, and activities
for children and adults continue. Fundraising is robust to build this miracle for our community.
What an amazing 15-acre oasis in the middle of Charlottesville. The Garden is a respite on a
busy day, a destination, a welcome breath of fresh air.
Come and see! Make the Garden YOURS.
Consi Palmer,
President, Board of Directors