Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Spring marches in!

Did you know that a drug in the soil alters mood? Mycobacterium vaccae microbes grow serotonin, which makes us both relaxed and happy.

Spring is the time to get our hands dirty and smell the soil as the plants begin to grow again. This is also the time to pay attention! Look around for new buds and returning insects. Listen for the songs of birds. Celebrate spring from ground to sky with a tour of our garden site or on a guided walk through the grounds to identify wildflowers, trees, birds, or butterflies.

As the world grows more colorful with blooms and shrooms, the garden is unfurling more program options than ever. Join us for scavenger hunt and story walk days, the Kindness Rocks installation and other art programs, as well as stream water testing events starting up this spring at the Botanical Garden.

We embrace this season with a spring in our step as we steward our Garden together. Support us in the garden as a volunteer or by Staying at Home and Celebrating with a delicious dinner for two from Harvest Moon Catering, (which puts seed money into the Garden).

It is a beautiful time of year to spend outside and we hope to see you soon at Botanical Garden of the Piedmont!