The Botanical Garden of the Piedmont (the Garden) in Charlottesville, Virginia has invited qualified firms to submit a proposal for the first phase of a Master Plan that will guide the garden’s development. You may have heard of Charlottesville in the news this summer. In light of these recent events, Susan B. Viemeister’s opening remarks at our September fundraiser encapsulates why we believe this public garden project is both worthy and timely:  

While Charlottesville, and our country in general, struggle with issues of politics, racism and social justice we find we can all come together in a love for gardens and the rejuvenating experiences of open spaces where everyone is welcome to bring friends and families and where we can all learn more about our environment and each other.” 

The RFP is Divided into 3 Phases

Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents. Each phase is designed to stand alone, with its own timeline and budget.  At this time, we are seeking to move forward with the Schematic Design phase only. Additional phases will progress as each set of design goals are completed and as funding goals are met for the subsequent phase.

Prospective Firms are Required to:

1. Complete the RFP Submission Form by November 10th to gain access to the RFP and Q&A pages.

2. Attend a pre-proposal meeting, which will include a Walk-through of the garden site and Q&A Session on November 16th.  Questions about the RFP must be received by November 15th, and must be submitted via email.  All questions, answers and modifications to the RFP will be discussed at the meeting and posted on the Request for Proposal Q&A site for reference.

3. Proposal submission: Instructions are found on page 6 of the RFP download.The deadline to respond to the RFP is January 16, 2018. We anticipate the selection of a firm by March 2018.  All firms will be notified at the end of the selection process.

The point of contact is: Jill Trischman-Marks, PO Box 6224, Charlottesville, VA 22906 or