Although the design and construction of the future Botanical Garden of the Piedmont are pending, we welcome your involvement and assistance now to help move this wonderful project forward.

Don’t see something that fits your interests or experience but you still want to help? Contact Volcoord@piedmontgarden.org with your interests and we’ll be sure to contact you with future opportunities.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Outreach Ambassadors

Periodically staff the the Garden table at local events and venues to create awareness about and support of the garden project by talking it up, disseminating literature, encouraging sign-ups for newsletters and donations to help build the garden, and reporting back results. Some set-up and take-down duties. Occasional weekends required. Must be reliable, outgoing and friendly, and have your own transportation. To apply please complete the Volunteer Application Form.

Speakers Bureau Coordinator

Schedule the Garden presentations with area organizations and businesses, coordinate with trained speakers, perform follow-up, track and report results. Involves phone calling, emailing, and computer work. To apply please complete the Volunteer Application Form.


 Volunteering with Botanical Garden of the Piedmont is a wonderful way to transition between high school or college and full-time employment. Consider volunteering with the Garden today.

Kate Beadle

the Garden Marketing & Communications Committee volunteer Kate Beadle grew up in Virginia Beach and works for State Farm Insurance in Charlottesville where she has lived for 22 years.  She has been a great asset to the committee even with a busy travel schedule.

 What inspired you to volunteer with the Garden?

Inspiration started early, since my mother and stepfather are passionate Master Gardeners.   Gardening is in my DNA, and I have always valued the role public gardens have played in their communities.  I have many treasured memories of spending time with family at the Norfolk Botanical Garden and know what this Garden will mean for Charlottesville.

 How did you get involved?

After reading about the Masterplan in the paper, I got excited about the prospect of a botanical garden here in our own community.  I reached out to the Garden through their website offering to volunteer.  After discussion with the Volunteer Coordinator about my skills and interests, I was placed where I was the best fit.

 What type of work have you done?

 I have been a volunteer on the Marketing & Communications Committee, primarily managing social media accounts.  I have also had a voice in newsletters, website, media relations and community events.  It has been a great way to use and enhance my professional skills.

 What is your favorite thing about volunteering for the Garden?

 It is rewarding to see the progress that has been made over the past few years, the growing momentum, and the support of the community for this public Garden.  I am delighted by the MikYoung Kim schematic design developed in collaboration with our own WaterStreet Studio and look forward to the day it becomes a reality!

 How do you balance full time work commitments and volunteering for the Garden?

There are numerous roles volunteers can fill in these formative years based on skills and availability.  In my case, committee meetings are scheduled in evenings and by phone to be flexible.  I can accomplish the work at home on my own computer and the community events are scheduled in advance so I can plan around them.  I encourage interested volunteers to reach out to the Garden and see how your skills fit their needs.

James Walker

Q) What inspired you to volunteer with the Garden? This Garden will be a big deal for Charlottesville, and I have followed it from the beginning by attending the public information sessions and asking questions. It is a unique opportunity to do something for this community that will be an asset now and for future generations. See the full interview here.

Tom Wild

We have a lot of awesome volunteers helping make the Garden a reality. We’d like introduce you to Tom Wild. He decided to volunteer with MGB after leading tree walks through the site as a Tree Steward. He loves educating community members and connecting them to the natural environment.

Molly Stout

Molly came through the volunteer portal on our website in March of 2018 after graduating with a degree in Marketing from Belmont University and she began to volunteer with the Garden’s Communications team. After publishing several newsletters, Molly has taken a full-time job working for Kentucky Educational Television. We wish her well!